Day 37: Remember Kids – It’s Okay to be Tired

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Today, I was a little worse for wear after my grand slam shift day yesterday. I walked in, having spent almost exactly 12 hours away from the cafe scenery only to drag myself back there.

The weather was glorious.

The morning sunshine touched my face on my walk to work and that was the moment I knew the day would not progress happily.

Freedom is a funny thing, because you truly don’t know how good you have it until you’ve worked X amount of consecutive days and starve to have the breeze run through your hair, or feel the warmth of the sun unadulterated on your skin…

I moseyed my way to work, and on the way to the bus at the end of my shift. A total of 10 minutes of walking turned to 20… maybe 30. I lost count and I honestly didn’t give a crap.

Anyways, imagine my displeasure when I arrive to work early, having eaten nothing for dinner the night before (choosing to pass out instead) to the following remarks:

  • Did you close bar last night? It was pretty messy when I came in to open…
  • You look exhausted. How did yesterday go? I’m sure they didn’t make you stay the whole time…
  • You’re a lot less exuberant today… Perk up.

Despite what you all think, I arrived 25 minutes early in order to put something in my system, have a coffee, and wake myself up.

Note to the general public: One does not usually appreciate being told they look like shit first thing in the morning…

I admit to being tired.

I admit to being a little grumpy about the messy bar comment… And I don’t like tooting my own horn but if you know me then you know now obsessive I am about the bar being clean when I arrive and leave.

Clean. Stocked. Locked and Loaded and ready to go.

Excuse me, Sir… But did I criticize your horrendous bar close the other night? No, I did not. I simply asked you to remember a couple of things for next time and complimented on you on doing a good job despite being relatively new.

I’ll be okay, really.

I’m a strong believer in the “brave face”.

I also happen to be a strong believer in the fact that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

Despite it all though, I took the comments – brushed off the bits that didn’t matter, took the building points, put on a smile and my customer service voice, and worked my 8 hour shift successfully and without much fanfare.

I like my job sometimes and I’ve even been rumored to love it at the odd moment.

I have the next two days off and I’ve decided to Google latte art obsessively, work on my last two school assignments, and build a more organic appreciation for the work that I get paid for.

I’m going to my happy place – an imaginary land where I have all the free time in the world and I spend it with my nose buried in a book somewhere in the sunlight.

I can feel the good vibes already.

Hurrah for solitude!

– Eternally Wearing a Customer Service Smile

P.S. s/o to Dali for today’s image… it holds a lot of meaning


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