Day 39: Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems…

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Today is Friday and besides being the greatest out of the 7 days that exists, it happens to be my pay day — hooray!

The only issue here is that when I have a certain amount of money in my possession, I spend a copious amount of time obsessing over what exactly I will do with my money.

Do I buy a watch?

No, I must send out some money for my phone bill.

What about that pair of sunglasses I’ve had my eye on?

Gotta put some away for rent.

I could go out and spoil my cat…

Stop it. You must make sure you have enough for food until you get paid again…


Oh look – is that a hospital that needs donations?

Those tattoos are small, and cheap in comparison. Plus – those suckers last forever 😉


I try to make each dollar worth it, but sometimes you just need to be a girl and spend it on pretty things that make you happy inside and look happy on the outside.

The more money you have, the more you will obsess, and the more successful you will be in talking yourself out of enjoying yourself and your days off.

Thus, I did what any other person in my situation would do, right?

Today I made a trip to the mall with my cousin and indulged in some of the finer things in my just above average life.

I bought myself some new summer clothing, then I made a pit stop to grab some new paint for my fake face.. Afterwards I went to various other stores and grabbed some other small items that were actually needed before going to a nail salon and getting some tough, brighter paint put on my nails…

I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman… Except I spent my own money… And the sales women didn’t turn me down… And I’m not a hooker…

I just felt pretty fly, okay?

I’m summer ready and waiting to spend some serious time in the sun.

Before the mall I treated myself and two others to a girls brunch of mimosa’s and a bunch of Eggs Bennie! Alcohol, conversation, and good food flowed freely and I can’t say that I regret treating some of the important people in my life to a good meal.

Needless to say, today was pretty great. It ended on a sushi note — which I’ve been craving more and more lately, and even though the waitress forgot to give me 10% off for paying in cash, I ain’t even mad.

My bones and eyelids are heavy with the exhaustion of a day well spent.

My wallet got a fresh breath of air (because of it’s emptiness — ZING).

My closet is well-stocked and organized again.

The cat got a new wadded up ball of red tissue paper to play with.

Therefore, all is alright in the world.

I’ve got a busy day ahead with working on my final take-home exams.

So I ought to go to sleep.

Night Night everyone!

– The One with So Much New Swag she’s Basically Kanye’s Next Alter Ego.

P.S. The tattoos will still happen in the near future. Sorry Mom!


One thought on “Day 39: Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems…

  1. “spend it on pretty things that make you happy inside and look happy on the outside”
    I think you just explained my girly makeup hoarding money problems exactly. Thank you!

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