Day 124: Do Not Be One Of Those People!

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I worked a closing shift tonight at the cafe and it was honestly one of the best I’ve had in a long, long time. 

The person I was working with was really quite sufficient at their job, the day wasn’t so busy, and everyone was pretty much just wonderful. 

The few hours flew by and before I knew it, it was time to close up shop and head home.

Too bad someone walked in 5 minutes before the actual closing time. 

Too bad he wanted a cappuccino for him and his date. 

Too bad I’d already closed the machines for the night. 

Too FREAKING BAD he forced me to reopen my clean machines so that he could get a cappuccino AT TEN AT NIGHT. 

Honestly man? Go the hell to sleep. 

You just added an extra ten minutes of cleaning to my closing routine and you don’t even feel bad about it in the slightest…. Like really, are you even human? 

“It’s only 5 to 10… Can I get one of everything on the menu?”

“I made it in before the ten happened – so you have to take my order.”

“How would you feel if you were me?”

The last one is particularly my favourite. I like to answer this one, because I answer like one should answer when faced with this question. 

How would I feel? Well, I’d feel like an understanding human being who would absolutely go somewhere else because I know what it’s like when people come in while I’m ready to close and make me serve them instead of going somewhere else that is open later. I would feel the need to turn around, walk my ass out the door while telling them to have a good night. I would feel bad, and not for one second would I feel indignant – like their only purpose in life is to serve me a gourmet coffee five minutes before they close the entire store.

Furthermore, if you’re gonna go ahead and tell someone that they look tired – it’s probably best to not say they look tired while you’ve just successfully added time to the time they have to wait to get home to their bed. 

… It’s been a long day. 

I’m already in bed and the cat is next to me. 

Catch you all on the flip side.

– The One Who Has Had A Long Day 


Day 123: It’s As Easy As… 


You know what’s miraculous? Animal love. It’s a really freaking cool thing to have a furry little kitten or puppy look at you and not know how much you love them and just totally love you back anyways.

My feline child has always been a little afraid of things like loud noises, her own shadow, her tail, and generally the whole world.

Recently, she’s started sleeping on the pillow next to my head, and when she does she sleeps at the top with one paw reaching downward toward me.

She will then wait until I place my hand on the pillow next to her, palm up – so that she can put her paw in my hand and we can fall asleep essentially holding hands.

I think it’s really cute, and really amazing that she trusts me enough that she will not fall asleep without that physical contact.

I’m getting all mushy about my cat now so I should probably stop.

Moving on, I’d like to wish my little Pinsan Bradley a very happy 19th birthday.

For us Canadians, he’s now considered legal – and therefore is free to wreak havoc on the country’s bars, pubs, and dance halls.

He’s currently out with his friends doing so and I’m currently in bed waiting to fall asleep like the little old woman that I am.

We went to an arcade for the first bit of the night and acting like a kid in public with a bunch of adults is kind of the greatest form of stress relief ever.

I’m falling asleep now so I’ll take my leave gracefully.

– The One With Tired Body Syndrome

Day 122: Thirsty Thursday Resumes!


So during the school year, each and every student forms a sort of schedule for themselves. Whether it’s which day they will have pizza on campus, to which days they will see certain friends…

During the school year, I always had a late class on Thursdays after which I went out with friends and usually partook in a couple (or a few too many) libations of the alcoholic variety. After a while, this was deemed “thirsty Thursday” and became a part of the regular routine.

Tonight – even though it’s summer time – I continued on with the tradition and partook in a few too many drinks, as per standardized practicum of Thirsty Thursday.

Anyhow, I find it fascinating how routine can become more and more interesting the older I get and I’m not sad to say that switching up the routine and creating a new kind of normal is sort of really great.

Let the traditions be born, and let them live on!

– The One With More Drinks Than Hours of Sleep.