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I realize that this title is a complete waste of a pun but you know what? It made me laugh so really, who is the losing party here… Huh? Yeah, it’s you. 

I’m lying in bed after what is probably the weirdest day I’ve had and I can honestly say I’m emerging on the other side 50 shades north of batty but incredibly happy and at ease. 

After sleeping through my 8:30 alarm and waking in a panic at 8:51 (I had to leave the apartment by 9) – I stumbled my way out of bed, basically ran (not really at all) to work and generally just had a good day. 

Everyone just sort of needs to act like a child sometimes and for me that time was today. 

I discovered that if you close your mouth and clench your teeth while laughing the vibrations of your laugh tickle your mouth and make you laugh even more. 

I discovered that if you let an ice cube run down someone’s back it may just settle and melt in their exposed plumber butt crack like a gross plinko board. 

I discovered that if I put my cat in a reusable, cloth grocery bag she will not jump out but instead accept her fate as pretend produce. 

Seriously, I think the only adult thing I achieved today was working a shift for actual money and making a delicious dinner. 

There’s nothing quite so delicious as homemade sheppard’s pie. 

That’s all I have for you, folks. 

Laugh often, love always. 

– The Wondering Child In Us All 


Day 114: 7 Reasons Apartment Hunting Is the Absolute Worst… 

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I’m currently in the midst of looking for a new place to live and although certain aspects can be fun and exciting – a majority of it is the most terrible thing ever to be created. 

Apartment hunting in an urban area is like window shopping. You get a general idea of what you want, you see something really pretty while you’re out, and then you realize that you have no freaking money to get the one you want so you search and search, holding out for the best one until finally you either settle for the price, or find something similar but lacking in some way. 

Apartment hunting as a young adult is the worst for the following reasons… 

1. First you have to decide if you want roommates or not. Because although the rent is cheaper with them, you’d rather live without them. There is a loner inside of us all – and it comes out during this time. You then have to justify to people why or why not. It’s a pain in the proverbial balls.

2. Picking a roommate is always the worst. Your best friend? Distant family? Random from Craigslist who promises not to be a killer? 

3. You read what seems to be 1000000 ads only to realize it’s not inclusive, there’s no laundry on site, they’re renting in the wrong month, or its so friggin’ far from society that you can’t justify living there. Car or not. 

4. Seldom does a landlord take a feline child or fur baby if you are only renting. And you feel like a terrible person because you considered how easy life would be if you didn’t have one. 

5. As an adult working full time dealing with other adults that work full time scheduling a viewing is the worst possible thing. It’s either on the weekend when you’re busy, after work when you should be eating, or before work — rushing through it and getting up waaaaaaay too early. 

6. Looking at the apartment and immediately not liking it but sticking through the whole viewing because you’re THAT desperate and besides… That’s not a roach… It’s a spider in a costume? That, or when you KNOW they posted the wrong price and it’s really a lot more but they lured you out to try and sway you. LISTEN’- I’m not snobby or picky… I’m poor. 

7. Looking at the apartment and thinking about the sheer amount of xrap you’re gonna have to get rid of in order to fit everything in. 

That’s all I’ve got for you for today. I’m gonna go look at a million more ads.  Sure they’re changed in the hour. 

Cheers & Best! 

– The Apartment not Alligator Hunter. 

P.S. Enjoy the image of pastries because it makese feel less stress. STREAS BAKING!! new hybrid activity of mine. 

Day 107 & 108: Hump Day and Falling Action…

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and admit that I’ve been pretty terrible with blogging once everyday. My issue seems to be either that I don’t feel that anything that happened in the past day warrants an entire blog post, or by the time I’m lying in bed, phone at the ready, thinking of an appropriate blog title I’m halfway to sleep town and I let it overtake me like a ship to mutinous pirates.

I’m tired, folks.

I’m also human.

That being said I promise to do my best at blogging every day instead of every two or three days because what’s the point of a self-imposed assignment if you can’t even stick to it?

Wednesday came and went with little to no fanfare. I managed to navigate my way through a busy work day and even had some time to browse online for a new apartment and visit with my mother for a short while.

Can I just say that working full-time, figuring out the upcoming school year, finding a new place to live for the duration of said school year, budgeting, planning and organizing to pack, and maintaining a social life is not all it’s cracked up to be…

I’m doing it though, and I’m determined to see it all through.

Because if you can’t do it right, don’t bother doing it at all!

Does that even apply here?

Anywhoooo, Thursday was a little more lively. I raced toward the end of my shift because of my impending days off and treated myself to a little treat afterwards (everyone deserves a cookie every now and then).

My ‘weekend’ consists of Friday and Saturday since I work in customer service and you get odd days off like Mondays and Wednesdays. I’m fortunate enough to at least have an actual semblance of a weekend off, even if it does mean getting up at 5am on Sunday mornings to go and bake my ass off!

Not literally, of course, because I’ve still got plenty to go around.

Seriously – take some.


I’ll leave it at that for now, because who knows where the weekend will take me…

Hopefully the humid weather doesn’t screw up my hair game — although, after the week I’ve had I don’t plan to do much “human-ing” outside of the apartment.

People tire me out.

Specifically, people that want to actually talk to me because lord knows that I can’t let any conversation go by without at least giving a real effort into making a connection with the other party.

Call it what you will, but being a people person requires a lot of brain power.

Oy Vey.

Enjoy the sun, kiss some babies, and eat some good food.

These are the little things in life.

– The One Who Wishes She Could Sleep For A Millennium

Day 51: But… We Only Came for an Approximate?

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Hello and Happy Wednesday, Folks!

Travis (best friend, comic book nerd, mathematical genius, professional flash hands-er, prettiest princess at the ball, personal human pet cat, more than mediocre gift giver, Diablo 3 indulger, kitty friend guardian, tropical adventurer, ferociously nervous feline wrangler, and badass tattoo owner) and I went on an adventure to find out what kind of moo-lah we’d have to shell out for some new ink.

In his case it was the first ink, and in mine it was the second.

I knew it wouldn’t be the cheapest endeavor but having done it before I knew the results would be worth the pain.

Flash forward to him meeting me at work, after a looooooooong shift I was dead on my feet and a little more than reluctant to go (especially if it was just to get a price quote), I convinced myself to suck it up and get it over with so that I could book an actual appointment for my tattoo.

After an extensive wait for the bus and intense Google session on my phone, we settled on a tattoo parlor that had growing popularity in the uptown area.

The both of us walked in and were immediately confronted by a couple of douchey asian guys that looked at both of us like we were somehow lesser human beings because we weren’t covered in tattoos and didn’t greet them with matching head nods.

Hello Sir, I work in customer service and 1) you’re definitely doing it wrong and 2) we use actual words not head movements…

The receptionist or..Ray or whatever, “helped” us out by giving us the exact same base quote for 2 completely different pieces of work, and told us that the soonest he could book us was “quite a while from today on a Sunday because we’re soooooooooo popular” — okay, so he didn’t really say that but after the first available date came out of his mouth all I heard was Charlie Brown’s teacher. Wah-wah-wah-waaaaaaaaaah-wah…

I took the card he offered and made a vague comment about an unpredictable work schedule and having to call him in order to book.

Load of crap, right?

Travis (best friend, comic book nerd, mathematical genius, professional flash hands-er, prettiest princess at the ball, personal human pet cat, more than mediocre gift giver, Diablo 3 indulger, kitty friend guardian, tropical adventurer, ferociously nervous feline wrangler, and badass tattoo owner) straight up ignored the dude and looked at me while saying, “we’re gonna look around – right? We can definitely look around…”.

Needless to say, he called around and we found a tattoo parlor across the street, rated second on Yelp next to “House of Douchey Asians that Do Tattoos” and they were so nice and helpful that we asked them if they had any time today…

They did, and less than two hours after walking through their doors – we walked out with new ink, some questionable looking bandages, and Cheshire grins.

I’d like to take this opportunity to admit that I had a sitcom moment where a big, surly, ponytailed man barreled up the stairs behind us on the way in and I feared for my life when Travis went to the back to get his tattoo done and the receptionist said “Someone else will be taking care of your tattoos today”…

I heard noises from around the corner and I swear to God I almost changed my mind because the big guy from earlier look like he killed all rainbow dreams, ever.

What actually emerged was a shorter, lanky, artsy fellow who I later found out attended the same art school as my sister… He was rather enjoyable and although I know I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover – the other dude made me cringe so hard.

I love my new tattoos and my feline child doesn’t seem to mind them either.

The smell of the bandages and whatnot freaked her out for a bit but she got over it and now she’s beckoning me to bed.

Until Tomorrow, my loves!

– The Girl with no Dragon Tattoos (but 3 other ones that are pretty sweet).

Day 49: 300 Plus Ways to Pronounce a Single Word…

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Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend AKA Time and a Half at Work!

I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that today’s ecard image is a little strong, but it made the most sense and was surprisingly the least offensive.

As many of you may know, I am employed at a chain cafe that serves not only high quality coffee, espresso, and alcoholic beverages but also freshly made salads, soups, and sandwiches.

At the cafe, we have a lot of interesting mispronunciation of words, miscommunication between staff members and sometimes customers, misspelled names, broken orders… etc etc.

There’s solemnly a dull moment, and when there is, we make sure to cherish it dearly.

The summer months bring a lot of interesting customers in, as we’re located just off the highway and people travel more frequently during this time of year.

One common thing we like to say around the cafe is – “when in doubt, go with the best deal”!

This can either be a breakfast combo, a drink and pastry combo, or a lunch combo that features a few double ups….

One of the most popular salads we have at the cafe is a quinoa (key-no-a) salad composed of diced tomatoes, cucumbers, quinoa, grilled eggplant slices, red onion, mint leaves and parsley.

Delicious right?

Anyways, when I first started at the cafe, I was strictly on cash so as to learn the menu back, front, inside and out. I was not to move from the little cash corner and I was to perfect the art of taking orders.

Seeing as was my life 2-4 days a week for 9 months straight, I got to hear some pretty interesting names, and pronunciations of the menu items.

Quinoa, for example, is a technically a seed… It’s a grain crop grown that is rather enjoyable and good for you. I’ve heard this word pronounced in so many ways it hurts my head to even think about it..

“Can I have the ki-no-ah salad?”

“How’s the quee-noi-ah?”

“Kwi-noa… what’s that?”

“Kee-no-la salad sounds yummy!”

“Qwin-toe-ah salad, no eggplants…”

“Does there have to be onion on the kiwi-nola salad?”

Yes folks, I’ve heard it all… It’s quite a wonder anyone has ever ordered the correct salad before.

Furthermore, some of the drink orders I get are str8 up ridikkulus….

“What’s the cold lemon thingy?”

“What’s the difference between a coffee and a latte?”

“Can I get something without milk, coffee, or sugar?” <<< Water, I can get you water.

“Iced, blended crap you guys have…It’s soooo good but I can never remember the name.”

“Is there really a difference between an iced latte and an iced cappuccino?” <<< nope, there really isn’t seeing as the only difference at our cafe between the two hot versions is the foam. SURPRISE!

“Can I get an iced coffee? But I don’t like it too sweet. I just want some soy milk, sugar free vanilla, and don’t make it too strong but can you add an extra shot? Thanks…” … What? Just.. What?

Despite all this though, I’m fully aware that it’s moments like these that make the job entertaining and worthwhile. If you can teach someone how to pronounce a word properly, or follow their train of thought so that you’re both on the same page? It makes it a day not wasted and who doesn’t love that?

On that note, I’m to get up on the early side tomorrow so I can run some errands before getting to work for 10am. I’ll catch all of you lovely people on the flip side.

The cool side of the pillow.

The sunny side of the street.

Somewhere over the rainbow.

Strawberry fields forever…

Yeah, as usual the last one is a stretch I shouldn’t have risked.

G’night and Sweet Dreams!

– The Great Salad Order Interpreter

P.S. I highly recommend taking a walk after dinner as opposed to having dessert. It’s amaze-balls and effective. Walk on! (Ha, rock on word play…so clever). I seriously have to stop now because my feline child is attempting to derail this blogging process by sitting on my keyboard and pressing random buttons.

Day 45: Reasons Why I’m a Bad Mom (Cat Edition)

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RWBY (previously referred to as Echo, kitty friend, and feline child) is without a doubt the highlight of my life at the moment. She is the first encounter I have in the morning, the last one before I go to bed, my all nighter buddy when I’m doing homework, and the one I can always count on to show me her butt… Although, I’m not too sure if the last one belongs in the ‘advantages’ column?

Anyways, tonight Travis (best friend, comic book nerd, mathematical genius, professional flash hands-er, prettiest princess at the ball, personal human pet cat, more than mediocre gift giver, Diablo 3 indulger, kitty friend guardian, tropical adventurer, and ferociously nervous feline wrangler) and I decided it was time to clip RWBY’s claws a little because she had been leaving a mark on the carpets, the couches, and the backs of my hands when she got a little too excited during playtime.

It was all supposed to be very simple.

Step One: make the cat trust you enough to approach her.

Step Two: set the kitty in a comfortable position on your lap.

Step Three: set a towel over her head like she’s some kind of hostile hostage about to be taken into questioning for committing a national crime and hold it there while you clip away the only defense she has against this cold, cruel, cruel world!

…. Needless to say, I failed at Step Three and now I’m effectively going to go to PetsMart and getting my feline child a paw manicure… paw-micure?

They are going to take her in for a short period of time while I shop for a new collar and such, clip her nails, bathe her, tell her she’s pretty, and become the evil people that won’t let her do her ‘au naturale’, womanly look.

There is no good reason why Mommy has to be the bad guy in that particular situation!

Travis (best friend, comic book nerd, mathematical genius, professional flash hands-er, prettiest princess at the ball, personal human pet cat, more than mediocre gift giver, Diablo 3 indulger, kitty friend guardian, tropical adventurer, and ferociously nervous feline wrangler) is currently behind me trying to cut her claws because apparently he’s braver than I am…

**10 minutes later**

She didn’t take too kindly to the idea, so we’re just gonna call a spade a spade and make an appointment for Wednesday afternoon. Brilliant!

– The Bad Kitty Mother… And I Don’t Mean That In A Sexy Way…

P.S. he’s gonna try and make me make another attempt at it and I don’t like it but I suppose I’ll try.

P.P.S. I FINISHED SCHOOL TODAY! After blogging last night, this morning…early today? I set out to edit the paper a couple of more times before turning in for the night. I fell asleep around 5am and my alarm had me up at 830am so I could do a couple more reads before pressing print and travelling all the way to school to press the freshly printed sheets into my profs waiting hands.

It was quite the struggle, I got lost a few times because the campus I’m on is so. damn. large. but I made it, and I handed it in, and I’m so happy but that could also be the fatigue setting in.

Instead of going straight home to sleep, I travelled to Travis’ place of employment and ended up staying there for quite a bit of time before going on a short shopping spree and then coming home to read some of the book I’d purchased.

I can’t wait for the rest of the summer if this is what it looks like.

Day 38: The Art of the “R” Bomb

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Urban Dictionary defines the term “R Bomb” as the following:

“To read a message, and not respond, or ignore, usually with intention”.

I’d like to point out that as a Professional Writing and English major my grammar isn’t always on point, nor are my sentences perfectly structured, but I had to read that definition more than once to deduct that was ill conceived and if all else fails in the field — I can always get a job with Urban Dictionary.

Anyways, moving away from poor grammar and into texting (ha, see what I did there? Because texting is considered the leading form of language death and…yeah, whatever)…

I have a confession to make and this is a big one. I, Noelle De Vera, am a master at the RBOMB. I do it all the time, and honestly if I do not need to talk to you or I simply do not feel like it – I will completely bypass your message and respond when I see fit… IF I ever see fit.

I’m perfectly pleasant and a little passive aggressive about it. If you say “hey” a million times and I have ignored you or simply forgotten about answering your message you might get a response akin to “hey! I’m so sorry – I was __________”. Or if you write a long winded message that probably took you a few minutes to type out and then a few extra minutes to proofread and edit I might take a few hours to think about what I’d like to say, especially if you’re hoping for a positive response and I’m only willing to give an honest one. In response, you will get a long winded message that I too have edited and thought out – but the difference here is I ignored you for so long because I felt the need to prolong our friendship – even for a few hours.

I RBOMB people like it’s nobody’s business – a little less over text than I do over Facebook Chat, WhatsApp, and Snapchat…but hey, I’m a work in progress.

My problem is that people generally text me when they have an issue or a question they wish to ask me right in that moment and because I’m at work so often I don’t get around to seeing the message unless I’m on break or finished my shift. By that time, the message is rendered either irrelevant or you’ve gotten so fed up with waiting that you sought out the answer in a different place.

Snapchats are all about showing off – everyone knows that. So, I watch the 1- second picture sideshows and go about my day because I simply have nothing special to send pictures about. I will give Snapchat this though, it’s a lot easier to do while inebriated than texting is. There are times when autocorrect can’t even help me and my goodness it’s a relief to know that I can drunkenly send a picture of my face and the person on the other end of the conversation will just get it.

My attitude toward being RBOMB’d varies, however.

I will text you the second I have something to ask you. I will wait a good 5 minutes for a response and then I will message you again. After that I will ask someone else if they have the answer to my question and if they do not have it I will text you again. If this doesn’t work, I will either give up or call you and hang up as soon as you pick up so I know you’ve checked your phone.

I don’t care if you respond to my message.

I just need to know you’ve read it.

If the last few months have taught me anything, it’s that sometimes I say things that honestly leave little to be said in response or that people just have no response for.

You see, folks – I like to finish things that I’ve started. Apparently.

I can’t remember the last time I honestly just messaged someone because I felt like talking to them.

I miss conversations like those.

But I stopped having them because I got tired of being RBOMB’d.

Somewhere along the line, I took up a habit of doing the exact same thing.


Just because I do it a lot doesn’t mean I like having it done to me. If I take the time to respoInd to your texts right away you’ve reached a level in my life where you’re more important than work, my customers, my job integrity, and my overall image as an upstanding employee.

If you’ve reached that level, Mazel Tov, L’Chaim and good lineage to you and yours.

I’m going to bury my face in a book until my Feline Child demands I turn off the light.

– The Master RBOMB-er

P.S. I’ve realized my book is in my purse all the way in the other room so therefore I will now just go to sleep.

Day 36: The Thing About People “Owing You One”…

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This is bound to be a short lived blogging experience because I just worked one of the longest days I’ve had in quite some time.

I was supposed to have the morning shift today at the cafe and go home in the early afternoon to spend time with my cat and maybe nap or something else unspectacular. Instead, 3pm rolls around and the replacement girl who was supposed to arrive at 2pm hasn’t shown up, called, or answered any one of 6 phone calls from 3 different people.

So – instead of working 730am to 3pm… Yours truly worked 730am to 930pm.

14 hours. Same scenery.

14 hours. Same job.

14 hours. My humanity is dead, and my body hurts in ways that I couldn’t even imagine nor would I  wish upon my worst enemies.

My new boss was ever so vocal about being grateful and honestly – I appreciate that he took the time to be earnest in his gratitude.

He gave me a paid break.

He gave me an extra break.

He thanked me, and stayed to help out.

He even went as far as to say, “I owe you one”…

Now, in my experience – I’m fortunate enough to have had people follow through on that statement. However, I’ve also seen situations where one party was left feeling bitter and ripped off.

Honestly, I don’t hold my breath for people to give me the things they say they “owe” me — mainly because I don’t do the things that I do expecting anything in return.

I don’t invest too heavily in karma.

And I don’t ask for favours and trade services in return.

If you ask me to do something and I am able to do it, I will more than likely help you out.

That’s all there is to it.

I’m gonna stop there because the cat is giving me the stink eye for having the lamp on while she’s trying to sleep.

Additionally, I’ve got to be back at the cafe for 10am and I need to sleep something awful.

G’night everyone, and as Ellen Denegeres says “be kind to one another”.

– The One with A Severly Fractured Humanity and Heavy Eyes.


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I’m sitting in the movie theater, having taken two Advil in order to force myself to rid of the migraine I adopted over the course of the day in order to enjoy myself within this IMAX experience without wanting to off myself or drown in alcohol.

It’s been a long day at the salon – it’s prom and ‘mitzvah’ season and that means a butt load of hair washing, floor sweeping, and towel folding. Oy. Freaking. Vey.

The salon shift was followed by a family dinner at a less that mediocre Chinese buffet that left the usual bloating and indigestion in it’s wake.

Copious amounts of deep-fried shrimp and chicken? Check.

Vegetables that have been cooked within an inch of their life? CHECK.

Customary North American dishes that are thought to be on every dinner table every night (mashed potato, french fries, roast beef…etc) ? DING DING DING – we have a winner.

And let’s not forget the variety of Asian/American/Plain Odd desserts that we will never admit to trying all of because some are very much questionable… Mango mousse cake? Yeah okay, why not?

We were out to celebrate the annual remembrance day of birth canal escape-age by none other than (much) Older Cousin Jordy (AKA professional Erruh an’ a FRRASH watcher [Arrow and The Flash]).

Happy Birthday, Kuya. Chinese food hates me…

My headache is finally waning and I’m ever so grateful because IMAX is not something I wish upon my worst enemy when they have a migraine… Or maybe that’s exactly what I wish upon my enemies when they have a migraine? … Hmm, I knew there was a reason I collected so many movies points.

Additionally, I feel it somehow important to note that I’ve been craving theater popcorn for quite some time so this is the perfect way to end the week of endless amounts of opening shifts, endless amounts of academic writing, and nice way to segue into a nice, long, never ending work weekend. So. Good.

**pauses for a good 3 hours to see the movie, revel in it, and walk home**

…. I don’t even think I can put into words how satisfied I am…

The part with the guy and his hammer? So top…

And what about that hot guy? I can’t believe him..


I feel somehow justified in watching that movie.

My eyeballs have been blessed.

Can I watch it again? And this time, I’ll actually pay to watch it instead of using a free ticket and points.

I’ll even pay for the popcorn that I’ll only get through half of.

Or you know what?.. I liked that movie so much, I’m willing to go without popcorn.

I’m going to stop talking about it because I might actually give things away.

Besides, I’m getting tired of keeping my ocular orbs fixated on the screen of my portable computer.

Shut it down, Jarvis.

That would be amazing.

I would never have to feel alone again!

Then again, I think Rwby AKA Feline Child would be adverse to my talking to air as opposed to her. The little Diva might get jealous.

The 6am eyebrow grooming would stop?!

My feline child is falling asleep in the corner so I’m gonna take her to bed before I fall asleep in front of my computer. Again.

I’m pretty sure I have it down to a science.

Just remember to Ctrl + S after typing every line and your life will never be a sad time and a half.

Parting thoughts include but are not limited to the following…

Bonuses of this weekend:

  • I have no pressing school assignments.
  • I have Sunday afternoon off.
  • Pantalones and her significant (ly better half) are coming to visit!!!

The last detail is of course the most exciting for me since I haven’t seen my older sister in a hot minute and I miss her quite terribly.

I don’t know when I became such a whimp… But sometimes, you just need to see your family to know where you’ve come from and to know where you’re going.


“I had strings – but now I’m free! There are no strings on me!”…

– The One Who is now Free to Go to Bed with her Feline Child

Day 31: Around the World in 80 Days? Psh, nah… 4000 Words in 24 Hours!

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Hello World! I’m freeeeeeeeeeeee… For about 2 days until it’s time for me to start work on my 2 take home exams that are both due, again, around the same time.

However, I’m not going to fixate on that because a huge weight has just been lifted off my shoulders and I honestly don’t know how I’m still alive.

Rwby AKA Feline Child has been a huge help and supporter throughout the past day or so and even though she is incessantly annoying in getting me to feed her more than once a day (stop scoffing at me, I don’t starve her) I love her to bits. Mommy’s little homework companion!

Okay, so she mostly slept by me, opened her eyes every now and then, and stepping over my keyboard while shoving her kitty butthole in my face… Kids, am I right?

I’m so free right now I’m a little light headed – but that could also be because I’ve been sitting upright for x amount of hours AKA more than is healthy for a human being.

Maybe I should go swimming.

Or maybe I’ll take a walk around the neighborhood.

Maybe I’ll go to the…gym? HA. Nope.

**pauses to shove granola bar in mouth**

Or maybe I’ll join everyone in the living room in watching last week’s episode of The Flash…

Either way – I plan to be as free as the birds in the sky this morning when I was already sitting at my desk working on my paper.

Cutting this blogpost way, waaaaaaaaaaaaay short because I’m so sick and tired of sitting in front of my laptop. The need to get away is insane.

Thank you and G’night.

One love,

– The Free One