Day 97: I Get Lost Pretty Easily…

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Two things, don’t ever trust me to meet you somewhere for the very first time and definitely do not trust me to meet you somewhere while I’m intoxicated.

I’m pretty good when it comes to direction, and especially when I’ve been to the destination more than once. However, if I’ve never been there or have only been there once or twice in my lifetime I will not know how to get there without the help of Google Maps, written instruction, and real life description.

I’m super terrible at taking directions and don’t even get me started on paper maps. Google Maps works for me because it tells me what I should be looking for, how long the walk should take me, and re-routes me if I get lost (which I normally will).

Add a few drinks to the equation and I’m actually kind of helpless.

However, I won’t ever really panic about getting lost but will simply just go with it and keep walking until it starts to make sense to me. If it never starts to make sense I’ll call someone and stay on the phone with them until I see a bus or something I can take to a station or major intersection.

This is secretly why I never agree to blind dates because I’ll probably be super late to the mutually agreed upon restaurant where we felt was safe because no one would know us there and I would be extremely late and they would feel stood up and it would be all the terrible so I don’t do that ever.

So note to you, just come and get me.

Please and thank you.

– The Hopelessly Lost Romantic


Day 96: Days off Aren’t Meant for Learning – But I Did That Anyways (Saturday’s Post)


There is a certain truth about turning 20 years of age, and I don’t know that I can speak as an expert on the subject but here are 20 things I’ve learned in my short time being 20!

  1. Being Nice Will Get You Next to Nowhere in Life — Now, I’m not saying that this doesn’t apply to other periods in your life. However, I’ve noticed that being nice in your 20s doesn’t exactly mean being a nice person. People often perceive it is naivety, ulterior motive, or just plain creepy. So be a person who smiles occasionally, does nice things every so often, and is just regular the rest of the time.
  2. You Can Do More Than You Think — For some reason people in their 20s get stuck in the teen state of mind for a lot longer than is probably healthy. They forget that they can do certain things for themselves, and that they can adult all on their own because they should be doing that. You wanna eat cake for breakfast?! Do it! Own Up to It!
  3. You Finally Learn The Value of Sleep (But Still Do Not Appreciate It) — You love sleep, you crave it constantly, and yet, you still do not get enough of it because there is just so much life to be had!
  4. You Learn to Love Coffee or Other Things That Keep You Awake — this one is self explanatory, because I became a barista and I will never go back to not liking coffee…
  5. When You Tell People Your Age They Will Normally Just Stare Off Wistfully and Convince You You’re Wasting Your Time not Living Enough…
  6. You Don’t Always Have to Wash Your Hair — it saves time, you have to be creative with new hair dos, and it’s actually better for the health of your hair.
  7. The Internet will Be the Ruin of You, As it Is Your Best Friend.
  8. All The Toys you Took for Granted As a Kid Are Doubly Amazing in Your 20s — I want all the toys back, all of them!
  9. The 15 seconds Netflix gives you before the next episode are no longer spent contemplating whether or not to watch the next episode, but whether or not you have time to go to the bathroom, grab another drink, or some other thing you’re neglecting to do because the show is too awesome.
  10. Your math skills sharpen to calculate things like how much sleep you’re not getting, if you can go out that night because of the budget, or whether or not you’ll be late if you grab a coffee..
  11. When shopping you tend to spend like a teeny bopper, but gripe about pricing like a senior citizen.
  12. You realize there is a correlation between how you feel inside and how you look outside. You try to cover it up, but somehow people always know.
  13. For some reason, every birthday in your 20s is a milestone. Yay! You made it a whole year with copious amounts of alcohol in your system – let’s celebrate with more!
  14. There’s a good chance you still do not know how to do your taxes, or that you will not because your parents will take over.
  15. The illusion of your dream job immediately after graduation fades throughout the years. It becomes background, something that’s there but never truly the focal point until later.
  16. You can and will experiment with your diet a million and one different ways. Paleo? Vegan? Veg Head? How About all Raw foods?
  17. A Period of Poverty is inevitable during your 20s. Doesn’t matter the tax bracket you’re from… You’ll cut down at some point during this decade in your life.
  18. Relationship Statuses become very important for some reason. People need to define exactly what you are and that’s not always so much fun and rainbows.
  19. You realize your high school problems were so very small in comparison to real life issues. It was all bullshit. Don’t be fooled.
  20. When asked where you live, you will never truly get an answer. Do you mean where I live or where I’m from? The city, or the region of city? Intersection? Businesses in the general area?

This concludes the things I know about being 20. Perhaps I’ll share more as the year wears on —  or perhaps I won’t. I’m not obligated to.

Something else I’ve learned as a 20 year old.

Ciao Bellas y Bellos!


– The 20 Year Old With a List

Day 95: The One About The Friday Past…(supposed to be Friday’s post)


This week has been such a weird one that I honestly thought that Friday would never be an actual thing.

If you think about it, people with real people jobs had their ‘Friday’ on Tuesday because of the National Holiday on Wednesday but then flash forwarded to Sunday on the Wednesday because they all had to go to work the next day.

I, however, somehow (in a very, very twisted way) lucked out because I work Monday straight through to Friday and have the entire weekend off to frolick in the sunshine, wearing whatever it is I please, and generally just enjoy my time away from the work place.

Additionally, I was paid time and a half on a 9 hour work day so I’m not complaining (and neither are my feet because HELLO NEW PAIR OF SHOES – or purse, I haven’t really decided yet but whatever I buy it’s gonna be SPECTACULAR).

I also work such early mornings now that I’m usually done by the time people are finishing with their lunch breaks and I’m on my way home to either nap, cook something and then nap, or out and about with friends and family.

This full-time summer job life is not a bad one and I honestly couldn’t be more fortunate enough to actually enjoy the work I do.

Tonight I went out with some friends and enjoyed some drinks and laughs. I worked the entire day, but the night was spent the right way. Drinking a stronger than normal drink, laughing at a perfectly timed bad joke, and dreaming about the moment I got to immerse myself into my bed – knowing I didn’t have to get up early the next day.

I plan to do absolutely nothing with one of my days off and I couldn’t be more excited.

Who knows what will happen?!

So many possibilities.

That’s a great thing about being a young adult, I may have bills and such to pay – but at least my Saturday’s are not saturated with the errands and chores I neglected to do during the week.

I, friends, am free to sleep to my hearts content.

And my heart is nearly never content with any amount of sleep no matter how great.

Alright, I’m losing the ability to human and the cat, as always, is already curled up and sleeping soundly. So I’ll bow out gracefully and see you all tomorrow!

– The Girl Who Was Friday Night

Day 88: The Day Love Won.

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As you can probably guess I totally failed at writing this post yesterday. Apparently, blogging from bed in the dark while your cat sleeps soundly by your feet is not a productive work environment.

I fell asleep faster than Usain Bolt crossed any damn finish line.

ANYWAYS, yesterday was a HUUUUUUUGE day for American History and people all over the world.

In case you’ve been living under a rock in which the only internet access you bother to get is to read my blog (yeah right) The Supreme Court ruled it legal for same sex marriage to occur across the entirety of the United States of America.

Love is Love.

Love is Free.

And Love Won.

People were celebrating, rightfully so, everywhere… In the streets, in their homes, all over the country. Uniting in love, in celebration, in solidarity!

So, someone please explain to me all the things I’m suddenly hearing in protest to this gargantuan step forward for humans.

A priest, setting himself on fire?

Protests in the same streets of celebration?

Justices – four of them – against the decisions supposedly “because the people fighting for the right were not the same people who supported it all along”?

What is it I hear of people “threatening” to move to Canada to escape all the “nonsense”????


People, just be happy.

Feel the love.

Smile – because for the first time in a long time something undefinable, something intangible, something that can reach everywhere and no where at the same time…

Love won.

It triumphed.

I, for one, am very happy and proud to have been alive for this historic occasion.

– The One Who Just Feels Happy

Day 79: No Make-Up Selfies Shouldn’t be a Thing.

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So apparently it’s a new thing to dare people to post a picture of their natural looking face in order to raise awareness for something? 

I also realize that I am a human being who has participated in this particular trend before because I thought it was the right thing to do. 

However, reflecting back upon it I feel like the entire thing was stupid. 

Not because I’m ashamed of my face. 

Not because I feel the need to put a filter over myself all the time. 

Not because it was a trend that got waaaaaaaaay too popular and made absolutely no sense what so ever. 

The thing was stupid because no make up selfies were the original selfies were the original pictures of ourselves not too long ago. 

I mean… I started wearing makeup in… 8th grade? Maybe later than that… 

And I have a lot of pictures without makeup on. 

Moms, generally don’t have time to “put a face on” while caring for their kids (barring special occasions). 

Older women find themselves to be prettier without makeup and face paint. 

Girls and women from all across the globe due to religion, beliefs, culture, financial differences… Etc etc DO NOT WEAR MAKEUP. 

And guess what? The only person obsessing over your face without makeup is you. 

We all know you took a good hard look at that picture before committing and pressing the “post” button. 

I’m not being a total feminist and saying that we should all go makeup free all the time braise we should not be judged by the… Blah blah blah… 

I’m just saying that we ought to realize that washing your face and snapping a picture won’t help spread the word of a cause anymore than just actually telling someone about said cause would do. 

People, just take some freaking pictures. 

I have a lot of pictures now where I am not wearing make up. 

So, why all the fanfare? 

This, among many other things, does not constitute “bravery”. 

Anyways, I feel like this trend while being completely pointless – inspired many girls to actually take care of their skin the way it should be cared for so that the next time around it wouldn’t be so bad. 

I’m just saying. 

– The Skeptic Of Selfies 

Day 69: Does Price Justify the Service?

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Day 69…Doin’ fine with sixty-nine… Haha, that will never NOT be funny to me.

The number 69 other than being a well known sexual position is also the number of the house in which I spent my childhood.

The house number also just happens to be in glowing red lights…

Clearly, I had a pure childhood.

Anyhow, today I worked the closing shift as I went to a party last night and although I’m sure I probably could’ve worked a morning shift at the cafe today – I’d rather not show up drunk, hungover, or overtired.

There’s some things I will spare my customers from seeing. Like, day old makeup, day old hair, and day old clothing… Day old me.

I’m sure my boss appreciated it. I know I did!

I closed with one of the newer employees who I just so happen to see a lot of potential in – in other words, he doesn’t make me want to rip my hair out in frustration. Nor does he make me feel the need to go to the bathroom for the sole purpose of taking a moment to myself.

Afterwards, we visited one of the many Korean restaurants that are around my neighborhood (that my coworker just happens to LOVE – he spends a majority of his weekends in the various bars and restaurants near to my apartment complex and has a lot of friends that live around the neighborhood).

I’d never been to this particular spot, but he told me not to worry and that the prices were a little cheaper than my regular spot. I agreed because I’m all about new things and if it really was as great as he said it was, what did I need to worry about?

I can’t even come up with a suitable code name for this place because I didn’t even bother learning the real name for it.

I give this restaurant a BIG, multiple thumbs down.

We walked into the joint and immediately you could tell that the atmosphere was a little tense, if not downright uncomfortable. All around patrons were either looking around at one another, talking about nonsensical things, or repeatedly ringing the bells on their tables for service.

It took a good  5 minutes before anyone who was staffed there really acknowledged our presence and the pair of us were standing near a vacant, chairless table that was enough for two people.

The waitress pointed to the left side of the restaurant where there were funky little tables where you could sit on the floor and enjoy your food in a traditional atmosphere and setting….

She pointed out these tables with a scowl on her face… I didn’t imagine it! And I know she pointed them out because she didn’t want to retrieve chairs for the vacant table.

I just know it.

My coworker politely asked if we could take the vacant table to which she huffed and threw down the towel she was holding so she could grab chairs for us.

Lady, I know I have a big butt that has a lot of cushion…BUT I DON’T WANT TO SIT ON THE FLOOR WHILE I EAT MY DINNER. Damn.

It took another 10 minutes to even get menus, to which we immediately sought out what we knew and loved best and rang the service bell at the table.

Let’s just be clear – that I hate all sorts of bells in restaurants.

I think they’re demanding.

I think they’re degrading.

I dislike using them and I dislike having to respond to them.

HOWEVER, if you have the bell – at least respect it OR pay close enough attention to where people can wave you over.

Moving on…

Their food, although hot and fresh was nothing I couldn’t have gotten at my usual place.

Their service was freaking rude… The girls working the overnight shift at this particular restaurant didn’t work as a team, and clearly were hating their lives.

I understand that working at a place that is open 24 hours a day isn’t the most glamorous – but honestly, it could be worse.

We ordered beers that were unceremoniously slammed onto our table, unopened… Which is fine, I’m no stranger to opening a beer – but really?

The thing I don’t understand the most is probably the fact that the girls were running around like chickens with their heads cut off but the restaurant itself was not very busy..

The only conclusion I can come to is they’re either always like that or they were having a bad day – in which case I’ve been there before and so I cannot hold you at fault. It just dampens the entire dining experience and that sucks. You know?

Anyways, because I am the person I am I still tipped because I know the feeling of when you try your best to no avail and you walk away with no tip.

I always tip.

Life rule of mine.

I feel like karma will make it’s way back around and more people will miraculously remember to tip for a job well done.

I don’t think I will be going back unless it’s my last option, I’m very drunk… or a stunning combo of both.

In this particular case, folks, the price did not in fact justify the service.

This Chiquitta Banana is very very tired now and just a little annoyed..

Freaking Smile!

– The Psychotic Customer Service Bot

Day 63: Mirror Mirror on The Wall – Who Had The Worst Bus Driver of them All?

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Look, I get it. Having a service sector job isn’t always the easiest. Most of the time you get little to no benefits, the people you interact with are less than stellar, and the places in which you work aren’t always considered glamorous..

That being said, you do not under any circumstances get a free pass to loudly bitch about your job while in the midst of said job. For one, it’s unprofessional, and it’s also just plain ungrateful.

This morning I got up at around 430am in order to make my way to work for the “ass crack of dawn” shift at the cafe. I got dressed as quickly as possible and basically sprinted my way to the bus stop in order to make it for the 4:55am bus southbound.

Imagine my surprise when at 4:59, the bus had yet to arrive and the line of people waiting for their dreaded morning commute vehicle not only grew in length like Pinocchio’s nose but as antsy as a whore in church (you’ll have to forgive the comparison because it was so cold out that no one was sweating, but there was lots of huffing, puffing, and watch checking).

When the bus finally arrived at the stop, a good 15 minutes late, it was half packed with people that didn’t look all too impressed.

Call it what you will, fatigue or just plain naivety, but I honestly thought the people on the bus were just upset that it was Monday and thus the beginning to a whole new work week.

Boy, was I wrong.

The bus driver didn’t even glance at anyone’s metropass or otherwise, didn’t offer anyone a transfer for the next buses they would surely encounter, and when customers asked for said transfers – the driver huffed and puffed like it was the world’s greatest inconvenience BECAUSE SHE HAD TO STOP HER CONVERSATION WITH ANOTHER DRIVER WHO WAS CATCHING A RIDE ON HER BUS.

So, here we are at 5:10 in the morning, a line of 20 or so people trying to cram ourselves onto a bus that holds maybe 50 people in total, squeezing past another transit employee and his large ass backpack only to reach the back of the bus that holds a plethora of grumpy, tired folks that are probably going to be a little late for work.

We all gather onto the bus after a good 5 minutes and wait… and wait… and wait some more because the driver isn’t moving, is not explaining why she is not moving, and is continuing her conversation from earlier.

Finally, she presses a button that has a mechanical voice saying the recorded line, “for customer convenience, please move back – thank you”… Uh, lady? There’s already people standing at the back of the bus and if we were to move back any more I’d have to get REEEEEEAL familiar with someone’s lap.

A patron of the bus politely pointed the situation out to which the bus driver got EXTRA heated about and stood up and basically shoved people behind the magical white line of safety that’s on every bus that tells you when your vehicle is to capacity.

She said that now that we had cleared the line she could start moving.

This bitch spent the ENTIRE southbound ride complaining about her job, about the customers that didn’t understand the rules of the road (excuse me? I JUST saw you run a red light… Don’t test me), about the lack of respect, about the rude lady she HAD to let on her bus the other day because she was a paying customer… To put it simply, I could not believe the cahones on this woman.

Yes, you have a fancy seat with a screen that protects you from rabid customer assault… But I guarantee you lady, if you keep talking like that someone will find a way to break through it. Maybe not me, but someone.

And to boot, she kept stopping at EVERY stop there was along the way, opening the door, letting people in, and not moving until they had sardines’ed their way behind the white line.

When it finally became apparent to her that no one else could fit on the bus – she stopped at every stop, opened the doors, yelled at the people waiting for a bus that she couldn’t let them on and drove away with the doors still open as if to give them an opportunity to run and jump their way onto the packed bus.

At one point, she stopped at a major intersection and opened both front and back doors and just allowed people to flood in without concern about how uncomfortable we were… and then she would wait until people who clearly did not fit would get off the bus. What the hell is wrong with you?

A little old lady got shoved around.

An aggravated man started yelling at the bus driver.

A baby started crying (okay, maybe not, but for the headache this entire ordeal caused there might as well have been a baby).

The crowning glory of all of this is probably the fact that I am claustrophobic.

I do not like crowds, I do not like getting lost in crowds, I do not particularly enjoy concerts, I do not like when people get into my personal bubble when they were clearly not invited…

Hell, I don’t even like the idea of turtle necks because I feel too constrained.

This bus was sooooo packed that I’m 80% sure that had there not been the various barriers of clothing between myself and the man behind me – I would have had his junk touching me… ugh.

Needless to say, when the bus finally got to my stop – I threw some major elbow and catapulted my way off of the bus.

I hated this morning’s commute.

It was the worst.

However, my day at the cafe proved to be rather enjoyable. But no one wants to hear about that.


Happy Monday!

– The Commuter with an Issue

Day 60: Shall We to the Cinema?

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Okay so we’re coming to the epic close of what has to be the official first week of my summer vacation.

The weather was consistently nice..

I spent time on patios…

I worked a full 40+ hours like a regular adult…

AND – I managed to get to the movies not once, not twice, but THREE times this week.

Movie going is something of a lost art, I think. You’ve got to pick the right movie theater, the right medium to watch the movie in – you know, standard, IMAX, 3D IMAX, VIP 19+ with alcohol and delicious little burger sliders…

You’ve also got to pick the right time of day.. You have to either go in the early afternoon where all the popcorn is fresh because they just opened and there’s no one at the movies but mom’s with strollers, elderly folk who have been planning the excursion for a few weeks, and teens who are ditching class…There’s honestly no one else. OOOOR you go very late at night. We’re talking about those shows where everyone else is walking out of the theater to go home and sleep and you’re one of the very few heading in the opposite direction. Shows so late that you don’t even know if you should get movie snacks because you shouldn’t eat past a certain hour but you had dinner hours ago and you’re hungry again. THAT late of a show.

You also have to pick the right movie to see as well as the time of day to see it.

This week I went to go see Tomorrowland during an afternoon matinee. I had been aching to see this movie because I love the premise, and honestly – it’s Clooney in a Disney flick! Also, Hugh Laurie as a stuck up prick with a complex? Hell yes…Paging Doctor House…

The night after I went to see Mad Max in IMAX … Holy Balls.  I can’t even talk about what I saw because I honestly am not too sure about what I saw. It was… Well, it was something I’ll have you know. We went to a 9:15 show in the middle of the week. Everyone has these things called “big people jobs”…So, the theater was pretty empty.

Lastly, tonight I went to go see Pitch Perfect 2… It was… Well, I wouldn’t pay for the full soundtrack. But big props to the producers for knowing that the movie wouldn’t survive without a few, well-placed cameo appearances. Also, I love Anna Kendrick… She’s my girl crush…

I’m gonna stop there because my eye balls are heavy and I have the chance to sleep in tomorrow.

Thank. You. Sweet. Baby. Jesus.

I love you all dearly.

Let’s go on movie dates.

– The Avid Cinema Goer

Day 55: Change Takes Commitment. 

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Today at the cafe was crazily good in my personal opinion. 

The morning was calm, the lunch rush went by with little to no issue, Yvette (work wife what up?!) and I powered our way through an 8 hour shift… Life was pretty sweet. 

There were jokes. 

There was a lot O’latte Art! Some good – some truly pathetic. 

For the first time in what felt like ages – things felt normal. 

And then I slowly started to realize that everything that felt normal, everything that felt familiar…. Was all new? 

New people. 

New work environment. 

New situation and new reactions… 

My job has transformed itself and I honestly couldn’t tell you when that happened. 

There’s been endless amounts of change in my life lately, and I’m ashamed to say that it has taken me this long to realize it. 

There’s a saying that says something about you not thinking anything has changed day to day until one day you look back and realize everything is different…. Or whatever. 

It doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but life moves forward. You live your life in so many small, fleeting moments that when compared side by side don’t seem all that different from one another. And when you put all of them together you create a transformative collage of change and progress. 

That’s to say that you’re committed to the change though. 

I feel like this week I’ve stopped living so fleetingly and started committing to change. 

Commitment to my job. With new people and new management. 

Commitment to a new diet. And actual exercise – although, intense exercise is something I’m hoping to have a short term, kind of fling relationship with. 

Summer lovin’ – you know? 

Commitment to being a good pet momma. Putting my feline child’s needs before my own. 

Commitment to redefining old roles and creating new and improved connections. 

Commitment to change. 

It doesn’t all have to be a big life shift. And all change will not be positive. 

But like anything, change is really what you make it.

Enough of all this because I’ve got to get up very early for work. 

Buenos Noches mi Lindos. 

– The One Who Must Rise at the Witching Hour. 

Day 53:  C’est la Vie!

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Today was a good day. 

I woke up early and had breakfast with Travis (best friend, comic book nerd, mathematical genius, professional flash hands-er, prettiest princess at the ball, personal human pet cat, more than mediocre gift giver, Diablo 3 indulger, kitty friend guardian, tropical adventurer, ferociously nervous feline wrangler, badass tattoo owner, and part-time makeup removal specialist) because he took my keys and let himself out of the building last night so that I didn’t have to go outside in the cold – that’s commitment to friendship! 

After which I took a nap, read some more Mindy Kaling, spent some quality time with the birthday girl (my cat child is 3 years old today – I’m a mom to a tiny grown up!), did some laundry, went to the gym, got my nails done and then got ready for a night out with friends. 

Dinner was great – pasta, yum! And dessert was divine. Cookie sundae? YAS! But I suppose this is the part where I’m supposed to say that the company was the real treat? 

Anyways – the evening was great. And I’m glad I did it because I don’t get out nearly enough. 

The whole day was a productive success but I’m still stuck on one particular aspect… 

My nails seem to have adopted this baby pink colour… 

They’re nearly fluorescent… 

I’m basically a Malibu Barbie – Asian edition. 

Where’s my Ken, dream house, and professional job? 

What the hell happened here?!

I’ll tell you what happened! 

Okay so, maybe I was in the wrong for coming in an hour and a half before you closed and asking if you had time to do a full mani/pedi. 

Maybe it was wrong of me to see you were busy and believe you when you said you “had time”… 

Perhaps it was my own oversight that I didn’t make an appointment earlier in the day. 

But for the love of God, woman! Do not basically force me into a colour I do not approve of because the one that I want would take an extra 2 coats to apply. Do not rush me into making a decision when you lost my colour choice in the first place. And do not rush my manicure because your kids are without supervision and you need to go home ASAP. 

Sure, I would’ve been upset if you told me you had no time today… But I would’ve gotten over it and moved on. 

I would not have ended up with a colour called “Kiss Me I’m Brazilian” painted on my nails which I am  now stuck with for the next two weeks. 

Next time I ask for “Bubble Bath” please don’t advise against it because it is “too natural looking”. That’s what I liked about it. 

I can see my nails in the dark! 

Okay, no I can’t – but my eyes suck and I don’t have my glasses on. 

Beware of the manicurist in a rush! 

– The One Who Would be A Ridiculously Shaped Barbie Doll