Day 95: The One About The Friday Past…(supposed to be Friday’s post)


This week has been such a weird one that I honestly thought that Friday would never be an actual thing.

If you think about it, people with real people jobs had their ‘Friday’ on Tuesday because of the National Holiday on Wednesday but then flash forwarded to Sunday on the Wednesday because they all had to go to work the next day.

I, however, somehow (in a very, very twisted way) lucked out because I work Monday straight through to Friday and have the entire weekend off to frolick in the sunshine, wearing whatever it is I please, and generally just enjoy my time away from the work place.

Additionally, I was paid time and a half on a 9 hour work day so I’m not complaining (and neither are my feet because HELLO NEW PAIR OF SHOES – or purse, I haven’t really decided yet but whatever I buy it’s gonna be SPECTACULAR).

I also work such early mornings now that I’m usually done by the time people are finishing with their lunch breaks and I’m on my way home to either nap, cook something and then nap, or out and about with friends and family.

This full-time summer job life is not a bad one and I honestly couldn’t be more fortunate enough to actually enjoy the work I do.

Tonight I went out with some friends and enjoyed some drinks and laughs. I worked the entire day, but the night was spent the right way. Drinking a stronger than normal drink, laughing at a perfectly timed bad joke, and dreaming about the moment I got to immerse myself into my bed – knowing I didn’t have to get up early the next day.

I plan to do absolutely nothing with one of my days off and I couldn’t be more excited.

Who knows what will happen?!

So many possibilities.

That’s a great thing about being a young adult, I may have bills and such to pay – but at least my Saturday’s are not saturated with the errands and chores I neglected to do during the week.

I, friends, am free to sleep to my hearts content.

And my heart is nearly never content with any amount of sleep no matter how great.

Alright, I’m losing the ability to human and the cat, as always, is already curled up and sleeping soundly. So I’ll bow out gracefully and see you all tomorrow!

– The Girl Who Was Friday Night


Day 70: National Best Friend Day! 

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Day off WOOOOO! 

If you think that means I spent the day sleeping in, baking, eating delicious food, and watching Netflix – you’re one smart cookie. 

Today’s delicious bake included two dozen muffins. One oatmeal chocolate chip with a granola crumble on top – and the other plain oatmeal muffins with a teaspoon of Nutella baked directly into the centre of each and every one. No topping necessary, because really… Just not necessary. 

The ass crack of dawn opening shift awaits me tomorrow and I should really be sleeping right now but I slept in too late this morning (9am) and took an inconvenient nap this afternoon (3pm) so I’m pretty wired. 

Today’s post is dedicated to celebrating NATIONAL BEST FRIEND DAY! And to celebrate this day, I will now go on to tell you about all of my best friends… Because there’s a reason I met each of them and they’re pretty cool sometimes. 

1) Carly is my oldest friend. She’s known me since we were both about 2 years of age – and we first met at daycare. Because she went to all the same schools, and basically lived at my childhood home part time she knows everything there is to know about me and I love her dearly. She’s got a pretty sweet car – convertible. Which is pretty ridiculous because of the Canadian Winters and in the summer because she’s a pale redhead that’s basically allergic to the sun. She breaks out in redness. But never the less – she allows us to get around town easily. In another life, she’s my husband already but in this life she’s my partner in crime and the one I can always count on to help me spend all my money in less than an hour at the mall. 

2) Travis (best friend, comic book nerd, mathematical genius, professional flash hands-er, prettiest princess at the ball, personal human pet cat, more than mediocre gift giver, Diablo 3 indulger, kitty friend guardian, tropical adventurer, ferociously nervous feline wrangler, badass tattoo owner, part-time makeup removal specialist, and expert video game thug) we haven’t actually known one another all that long yet but it feels like we’ve known each other for ages. He’s someone I can always count on for a laugh, a great hug, an honest opinion, and there is honestly no one I would rather co-parent my feline baby with than this weirdo. He’s a keeper. Sometimes. I’d sell him for the right price. WHAT? Who said that…?

3) Yvette – she’s really work Bae an bae in general but she deserves a place in this post because she brings a smile to my face. You know that scene in Grey’s Anatomy where Christina is explaining how Meredith is her “person”… Yeah, Yvette is my person. I can’t function without my person. 

4) Gillian  – haven’t mentioned her before and that’s probably because I haven’t seen her in a very long time. Gill and I met in high school, and she’s without a doubt one of the funniest, sweetest, smartest people I know. Bonus points or brownie points if you will because she’s an awesome baker as well. 

5) Tim  – oh Timmy… Always late with a birthday text but always there when it counts. I miss you buddy – and it’s been waaaaaaay too long some I’ve been in a car with you and your sketchy driving. Tim is one of my tallest and most random friends, but he’s always around for a listening ear and a fair judgement. 

6) Kristian  – funny story about this guy. I 100% had no idea about how loaded his family was until the first party of his that I attended. I just thought he was a chill guy who was really smart and just happened to have a knack for explaining grade 11 Chemistry in terms I understood. Wouldn’t change anything about him. 


If I failed to mention anyone, I’m terribly sorry. Maybe next year? 

– The One With A Close Circle 

Day 38: The Art of the “R” Bomb

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Urban Dictionary defines the term “R Bomb” as the following:

“To read a message, and not respond, or ignore, usually with intention”.

I’d like to point out that as a Professional Writing and English major my grammar isn’t always on point, nor are my sentences perfectly structured, but I had to read that definition more than once to deduct that was ill conceived and if all else fails in the field — I can always get a job with Urban Dictionary.

Anyways, moving away from poor grammar and into texting (ha, see what I did there? Because texting is considered the leading form of language death and…yeah, whatever)…

I have a confession to make and this is a big one. I, Noelle De Vera, am a master at the RBOMB. I do it all the time, and honestly if I do not need to talk to you or I simply do not feel like it – I will completely bypass your message and respond when I see fit… IF I ever see fit.

I’m perfectly pleasant and a little passive aggressive about it. If you say “hey” a million times and I have ignored you or simply forgotten about answering your message you might get a response akin to “hey! I’m so sorry – I was __________”. Or if you write a long winded message that probably took you a few minutes to type out and then a few extra minutes to proofread and edit I might take a few hours to think about what I’d like to say, especially if you’re hoping for a positive response and I’m only willing to give an honest one. In response, you will get a long winded message that I too have edited and thought out – but the difference here is I ignored you for so long because I felt the need to prolong our friendship – even for a few hours.

I RBOMB people like it’s nobody’s business – a little less over text than I do over Facebook Chat, WhatsApp, and Snapchat…but hey, I’m a work in progress.

My problem is that people generally text me when they have an issue or a question they wish to ask me right in that moment and because I’m at work so often I don’t get around to seeing the message unless I’m on break or finished my shift. By that time, the message is rendered either irrelevant or you’ve gotten so fed up with waiting that you sought out the answer in a different place.

Snapchats are all about showing off – everyone knows that. So, I watch the 1- second picture sideshows and go about my day because I simply have nothing special to send pictures about. I will give Snapchat this though, it’s a lot easier to do while inebriated than texting is. There are times when autocorrect can’t even help me and my goodness it’s a relief to know that I can drunkenly send a picture of my face and the person on the other end of the conversation will just get it.

My attitude toward being RBOMB’d varies, however.

I will text you the second I have something to ask you. I will wait a good 5 minutes for a response and then I will message you again. After that I will ask someone else if they have the answer to my question and if they do not have it I will text you again. If this doesn’t work, I will either give up or call you and hang up as soon as you pick up so I know you’ve checked your phone.

I don’t care if you respond to my message.

I just need to know you’ve read it.

If the last few months have taught me anything, it’s that sometimes I say things that honestly leave little to be said in response or that people just have no response for.

You see, folks – I like to finish things that I’ve started. Apparently.

I can’t remember the last time I honestly just messaged someone because I felt like talking to them.

I miss conversations like those.

But I stopped having them because I got tired of being RBOMB’d.

Somewhere along the line, I took up a habit of doing the exact same thing.


Just because I do it a lot doesn’t mean I like having it done to me. If I take the time to respoInd to your texts right away you’ve reached a level in my life where you’re more important than work, my customers, my job integrity, and my overall image as an upstanding employee.

If you’ve reached that level, Mazel Tov, L’Chaim and good lineage to you and yours.

I’m going to bury my face in a book until my Feline Child demands I turn off the light.

– The Master RBOMB-er

P.S. I’ve realized my book is in my purse all the way in the other room so therefore I will now just go to sleep.